Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fall Kickoff: Guest Speaker

Fall Kickoff is full of great events. I hope you have all them down in your planner, ical, iphone, sticky note, or in whatever you use to organize your life.

In this post, I want to make you aware of the guest speaker we'll have on September 14 - Jeremy Simpkins. I'm really excited to have him with us. Besides being a great friend of mine, he's a great leader and is passionate about Jesus and His Church. Some of you may remember him from Clear Vision 2006 (if you're under 32 and were around then). Jeremy leads a church in Teesside, UK also called Jubilee and oversees the northern region of the UK for Newfrontiers.

A fully anticipate that he will be a tremendous blessing to us and your friends will love him so go ahead and invite them.