Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Recap - Leadership Development

Well, I hope you have enjoyed the series in Acts. It's been great for me to study this book in closer detail to figure out what made this early church work. If you wanted to study more for yourself, I found John Stott's commentary on Acts titled "The Message of Acts" very helpful. It's part of a series published by IVP.

In this final message, I found my heart begin to swell as I thought about all the people who have stepped up at Jubilee to serve and take leadership responsibility. I'm very grateful for servant-heart that is evident at Jubilee.

I wanted to recap the leadership roles in case you didn't right them down. Here they are:

Jubilee Elders, responsible for leading all Jubilee Locations

City Location Leadership Team:
  • Bryan Mowrey, full-time employee - preaching, teaching, leadership development, students, and general oversight
  • Mike Lawson, full-time volunteer - Financial Counseling, Ministry to the Poor, Building/legal issues
  • Larry Mowrey, part-time volunteer - Discipleship Communities, Prayer Ministry
  • Karl Scott, part-time employee - Worship Dept, Video Production
  • Alex Kerford, part-time volunteer - Sunday Morning Coordinator, Public Relations Liason
  • Seth Hein, part-time volunteer - Baptism, New Believers, FYT Theology
  • Curt McCutchan, Newfrontiers Employee - Pastoral Care, Marriage, FYT
Discipleship Communities Leaders
  • John and Pat Donjon (city, south of Chippewa and Illinois)
  • Karl and Louise Scott (city, north of Chippewa)
  • Larry and Vicky Mowrey (St. Louis County)
  • John and Kara Russo (Youth)
Ministry Leaders
  • Heidi Sever, Money Counting Team Leader
  • Wes and Michele Benton, Coffee Team Leaders
  • Abbie Nadolny, Cleaning Team Coordinator and New People Connection Coordinator
  • Maria Kerford, New People Connection Team Leader
  • Dan Brindley, Visual Media Team Leader
  • Matt Sweetman, Angel Food Ministry Coordinator
  • Teresa Lawson, Ushers and Greeters Team Leader

My prayer is that we'll continue to grow in leadership and that you reach the redemptive potential God has for your life! Let me know how I can help.