Friday, August 15, 2008

Because I said So

Growing up I couldn't stand the phrase "because I said so." "Dad, why can't I ______." His reply, "because I said so." It bothered me so much, I made a vow never to use that phrase when I became a dad.

Well the other day, my 4 year old daughter asked me if she could do something and I said, "no". To which she replied, "Why?" And my answer? "Because I said so." Now I hadn't given my reply to her much thought until she said, "Why do you say so?" To which I replied with the ever ambiguous, "I just do."

This got me thinking a bit as to why this it a legitimate parental answer? Because the truth is, me "saying so" to my children sometimes is the only reason they need or maybe the only reason they would understand. However, on the kid side, it doesn't always seem like a complete answer. The reality is, it is a complete answer when the child trusts the parent.

How true is this with our heavenly Father? How often he does things that we don't understand? How often He, in effect, says to us, "because I said so"? Do this. Go here. Be this way.

As parents we know that our children would be much better off if they would just do what we say and we are imperfect. How much better than would our lives be if we would just do what our heavenly Father tells us to do who is not imperfect but knows all, and is all? I would encourage you to think about the things God has ask you to do through His word and otherwise and make the re commitment to follow through even though you may not completely understand. It really is a matter of trust.