Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sharing the Love...How to Get Involved

Here's a a copy of recent post on The City from Seth Hein, Director of IT for Jubilee on how to get involved in Share the Love.

Jesus showed us great love by giving His life to serve. In the same fashion, we want to live our lives serving our city. So, this September we are going to log 1,000 hours of community service to show the St. Louis area the love of Christ. Service projects are already organized, all you have to do is sign up!

To see a list of projects, join the Share the Love group (just click the link, then click the join button). From there, if you click the Events tab at the top of the page, you’ll see a calendar with all the events available. Just select one that fits your schedule, and RSVP!

The first event is on Saturday, September 11th where we will serve in the 9/11 remembrance day with the United Way. We have 50 ppl signed up so far (42 on Sunday and 8 via The City).

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunday Recap, August 29, 2010

A few thoughts on another encouraging weekend for Jubilee Church in St. Louis.
  • Prophecy is very important
  • Prophecy encourages and builds up the church
  • Prophecy keeps us on mission
  • Love seeing our students trickle back in
  • Jubilee has a bright future
  • The people who served Acts 13 are AMAZING! A special thanks to those who served j-kids, put out food and especially those who stayed late Saturday night to clean.
  • The Q&A in the St. Louis City Location was fun and informative. You can download the audio online.
  • I'm encouraged by what's happening in our Washington location. We are moving our service time to Saturday night at 6 PM in a great new place.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Recap, August 22, 2010

A few thoughts from our Sunday services in the St. Louis Location.
  • I love the Holy Spirit!
  • It never ceases to amaze me how much God loves to meet with people. 40+ people came forward to be baptized in the Holy Spirit
  • I love being a part of a church that takes seriously world-mission.
  • I love being a part of a family of churches that is breaking ground in countries where there are no churches.
  • The Holy Spirit is inseparably linked to our ability to engage in effective world-wide mission.
  • It wouldn''t bother me to find out that some people don't like us or our message, but it would bother me to be ignored and in the record book of heaven, insignificant.
  • I am horrified that I made a generalization about Irish heritage. I regret those comments and deserve discipline. I tend to stray from my notes a little too far in the 11 am.
  • I feel like the Why Series has gone better than I anticipated.
  • I love what God is doing at Jubilee. He continues to astonish us.
  • If you miss the Acts 13 meetings this Friday & Saturday...you will be missing something amazing. Register Today!!! It's free, but we still need you to register.
  • Chase Whitmer's baptism testimony today was amazing!!
  • It's an honor to serve as an elder at Jubilee.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jubilee Church '09-'10 Annual Report

Check out what Jubilee Church is all about and what God in doing through us.

Jubilee Church '09-'10 Annual Report

Friday, August 20, 2010

Spontaneous Baptisms

Last Sunday 19 baptisms was a lot of fun. Can't wait to do this again! Here's some video clips.

Spontaneous Baptisms (August 15, 2010) from Jubilee Church on Vimeo.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What to Expect at Acts 13 by Sam Poe

If you haven't registered for Acts 13, sign up today! These are amazing times of prophecy and hearing the voice of God.

Sam Poe on Acts 13 from Jubilee Church on Vimeo.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Recap

A few thoughts on an outstanding day at Jubilee Church (9am & 11am in the STL City Location).
  • I was excited and nervous about doing spontaneous baptisms (wasn't sure anyone would take up our offer).
  • 19 people were baptized this morning! 16 of them didn't plan on it when they woke up this morning, but God spoke to them and they went for it.
  • What I thought was going to be a somewhat "clinical" talk on baptism, ended up stirring passion in me about God's salvation. You'll be able to download that message by Tuesday morning.
  • Baptism gets its importance and meaning from the death, burial and resurrection that canceled our debt of sin and made a new life in Him possible.
  • Baptism is a command of Jesus.
  • How someone is baptize and when you are baptized speaks volumes about what you believe about salvation and membership in God's new covenant people.
  • I really enjoyed preaching in swim trunks, a t-shirt and flip flops.
  • I'm very, very proud of ALL the people who serve at Jubilee and make it happen. Truly a team effort.
  • I'm very, very proud of our staff who made preparations last week.
  • Wish I could do it all over tomorrow!
  • Excited to preach on the baptism of the Holy Spirit next week.