Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thanks from Shaw Elementary

Today, I had the privilege (along with Joe Pastor) of delivering more than 20 back packs full of school supplies to Shaw Visual and Performing Arts Elementary School here in South City. Principal Marilyn Burress and the rest of her staff were very thankful. She told me there is no doubt that this act of kindness will change the worlds of some of her students. Way to go church!

The Community Impact of Jubilee Church St. Louis City Location

We've been in South City a little more than a year, but take a look at our community impact:

1) We have helped New Americans get situated in the new homes and hosted a Christmas meal for them
2) We have served the Bevo Mill Community center remodel and fill their food pantries
3) We have served single mothers in the area
4) We have served the Czech Center with landscaping
5) We are helping to run a food pantry out of basement every Saturday that serves the Bosnian community
6) We run Angel Food Ministry that allows South City residents access to 50% off their groceries
7) We've picked up trash along Kingshighway
8) We've done some painting for Central Visual and Performing Arts High School
9) And now we've donated back packs to Shaw Visual and Performing Arts Elementary School

And people are taking notice. It is not uncommon for me to meet someone new in the area who has never visited our Sunday meeting, but has great things to say about Jubilee Church. They'll say something like, "I really like what you guys are doing for the community." Or, "People are really taking notice of what you guys are doing." Or in a note I received, "I've never met a church that wanted to serve the community like you guys."

Of course, we do this not in our own strength, but through the grace Christ has given us. I want to encourage us all to continue to serve our community.