Sunday, August 3, 2008

Supplies for Local School

I was very thrilled to see that the back packs were quickly picked up by Jubileeits to be filled with school supplies. I'm encouraged by your zeal to help others.

Many expressed to me the desire to help out even though the pack backs were already taken up. So I'm going to publish the info hear for anyone who wants to go and the get the supplies (you'll also need to buy a back pack). The cost for the supplies (including the backpack), should run you anywhere between $25 - $40, depending upon what brand you buy. We did our shopping at Target. Also, please remember to bring the supplies to the Kingshighway building no later than August 17.

Here's the list:

1 Back Pack
1 Box of tissues
1 Plastic bottle of waterless, antiseptic hand wash
1 Box of crayons (16 or 24 count)
5 #2 Pencils
1 Box of markers
5 Pocket folders
7 Spiral notebooks (wide rule)
1 Assignment notebook
-this is a “ledger notebook,” basically a notebook that has lined paper in it and may be slightly smaller than a usual spiral notebook.
1 Bottle of glue
1 Pencil case

These supplies may cost anywhere from $26-$40 (including backpack) depending on the brand name you choose.

**The school also asks for donations to the classrooms including: Ziploc bags, hand soap, antibacterial lotion, band-aids, Wet Wipes and/or a roll of paper towels.