Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What Defines Success?

Last Sunday, we kicked off our mission series asking the question, "What are we doing?" because there is a danger in getting involved in all kinds of church activities, but missing the big picture of what the church is meant to be and do. So we can do Sunday morning, we can do group life, we can do serving, we can do social action, we can do prayer meetings, but what's the point of all that? We'll the point is reconciliation of disconnected souls back to the loving Father who created them. The point is to Connect people to Jesus, which we believe results in God-honoring life change. Success, therefore, for Jubilee happens when people are Connected to Jesus and when life change happens. That's what we are going for and that's what we celebrate.

1) So we celebrate the more than 40 people who have been rescued by Jesus and baptize here in the last two years (Jesus connection)
2) We celebrate the broken marriages that have been miraculously restored (life change)
3) We celebrate when people put aside their own concerns for the concerns of others and give their money and time (life change)
4) We celebrate when people who left the church in their teenage years finally accept our invitation to check out church one more time and find it a safe, gracious place to explore Jesus again (Jesus connection)

There are a lot of other things we celebrate, but it all comes down to people being connecting to Jesus that result is authentic, God-honoring life change. Let's continue to allow God to use us to build His church in St. Louis.