Friday, November 7, 2008

An Opportunity to Serve Abused Children

I love the people at Jubilee. They are highly motivated by love and the gospel to serve others. Recently, Gabe and Ali Dunn put together a way for Jubilee to help abused children. Maybe you can help to. Here's how:

Family Resource Center is a non-profit organization (that is right down the road from Jubilee) that does a number of things related to preventing and treating child abuse within the community. AMEN :)

They have a christmas holiday tradition of providing toys to the children they serve. They have asked us, Jubilee, for our help collecting these toys. They need new and unwrapped children's Christmas presents for the free store they set up, where the families they help can select Christmas presents for their children.

Attached is a flyer that contains more information. The toys are to be dropped of at Jubilee Church by Nov, 30th. Mike Lawson is going to set up a crib where people can put their toys in. If you can pass this information along to your groups that would be awesome!! We will be making an announcement next week sunday at church.

If you have any questions, email Gabe and Ali Dunn at