Sunday, November 16, 2008

8 Year Anniversary

This past week, my wife and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary. The actual day is November 11 (also Veteran's Day), but we celebrated it by going to Kansas City on November 13 to see Coldplay at the Sprint Center. For those who care, they put on a very good show.

The next day we went to shop down in the plaza area of KC where the economy seems to be doing fine. Later on that night we had dinner with Rachel's brother and his wife before driving to Lee Summit to stay with the Stanleys (Tommy leads Grace Church in Lee Summit and his son Elijah is doing the fyt in St. Louis and lives with us).

On Saturday, Rachel and I spent the day with the leadership of Grace Church teaching and encouraging them (that was the idea anyway). And this morning, I have the privilege of speaking to this wonderful church who have sent away leaders to plant in 4 of the top 100 cities in the USA. I'll miss being with the Jubileeites down in the city, but it is great to be with the extended family here in Kansas City.