Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Action Track

If you belong to Jubilee, you have the ability to make community life happen. Leadership can set the table, but it's you that makes it work or not work. Therefore, I want to sincerely encourage you to do so. One way that you can do that is to plug into group life through Action Tracks. If you do, it will not only benefit you, but those others as well.

And for those who haven't gotten plugged into an Action Track yet, you now have a new choice:

The main focus of this track is to raise money for our annual Free Camp for Kids by having a Jubilee Summer Sale on Saturday, June 28th! If you're interested in selling your possessions, helping the poor, and/or having an administrative blast - chances are very high that you'll enjoy being a part of this track.

Location: Kingshighway building
Facilitator(s): Amie Fox
Time: 7pm

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