Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Grander Vision

Proverbs says something very interesting to us about vision. It says without it you perish. No, you don't physically's much worse than that. You die spiritually. You give up, you give in. Spiritual atrophy sets in and you become a church attender that settles for minimal participation. You start to live for other things like a career, a hobby, a paycheck, a good report card from your child or a relationship you really want to happen. None of those things are bad things, but according to the Bible, they are like filthy rags compared to knowing Christ and living for Christ.

At Jubilee, we must go for the Grander Vision. We must not settle for the serene life and in doing so miss out on a life that is full of purpose and excitement. To pursue the Grander Vision, you must be constantly envisioned. You must do what you can to receive vision. One of those things is attending Celebration MW where vision is imparted by the truck load. I am so thrilled that 177 of us are going this year! If you want to join us, I would encourage you to do so. You can get registration info by following this link.

Lets live the Grander Vision!