Saturday, May 17, 2008

Living With No Regrets - Another Preview at Wentzville

I often think about the moment when my life on earth passes away and I find myself face to face with Jesus. That moment where my life is presented to me and I am judged for how I used what God was so gracious to give me. That moment where the reality that everything of this earth will eventually pass away (cars, home, career, hobbies, leisure) and only the kingdom will remain is crystal clear. I think about that moment in light of what I give myself to today. When I do that it faith arises. When I do that taking risks for the kingdom don't seem like risks anymore. In fact, in those moments it seems like not stepping out in faith as a bigger risk!

I love where Jubilee is living these days. Big dreams, big plans, big payoff, big risk. Tomorrow (5/18) we have another preview at Wentzville. Another step forward in seeking the kingdom payoff versus playing it safe. There is a cost - money, time, resource, energy, emotion, relationship, and the list goes on. Sometimes, that cost captures my thinking. And when it does, I feel retreat creeping into my soul. But when I think about that moment when we are all face to face with Jesus, the reality that it is worth it a 100 times over, floods my soul. Is that where you are living? I hope so. I hope you are living your daily life in light of eternity because if you are, you will live a life of no regrets. That's where Jubilee wants to operate - the no regret zone. And by God's grace we will.