Thursday, January 3, 2008

We Are an International Family

There are many words that describe Newfrontiers, but two of my favorite are "international" and "family". Newfrontiers is international. We have churches in more than 50 countries and are working together to spread the gospel to all nations. Newfrontiers is a family. We are not held together by a statement of faith or denominational ties. We are joined together because of shared values, heart and vision. I say all this to bring in front of you an issue of prayer.

If you watched the news recently, you are aware of what is going on in Kenya. Although it's thousands of miles away, it's much closer for us who have brothers and sisters over there. When one rejoices, we all rejoice. When one suffers we all suffer. I would encourage you to include these brothers and sisters in your personal time of prayer as well as make an effort to join the Jubilee community when it gathers for prayer.

Here is a copy of an email that explains more of the situation in Kenya:

Undoubtedly you will be aware that Kenya is in turmoil. I have been in touch with Edward Buria (our main leader in Kenya) over the holiday and he has sent several texts. The situation seems to be developing along tribal lines, always a recipe for severe discord and blood shed. It is not easy to put together a snap-shot of the situation but, combining his texts and the international news, the following seems to be what is happening.

The BBC News website says:

Political veteran Mwai Kibaki claimed victory in controversial presidential elections in December 2007. His swearing-in for a second term in office prompted a wave of unrest across the country.

His rival for the post of president, opposition candidate Raila Odinga, rejected Kibaki's victory and accused the government of rigging the result.

International observers also expressed doubts about the poll, and called for an independent enquiry.

Texts from Edward:
1. Prayer at this difficult time for the nation which has been a great example for other African nations in the past
2. There is a shortage of food even in the town of Meru where they live (normally one of the food producing areas of Kenya)
3. Concern that the international reporting is not accurate, the rioting being in opposition held places.

I am sure your own hearing of the news updates will also provide further fuel for prayer