Friday, January 25, 2008

Prayer Updates

There continues to be an urgent prayer need for our brothers and sisters in Kenya as well as Zimbabwe and Pakistan. For those unfamiliar with the Newfrontiers family of church, follow this link.

Here are recent updates:


23rd Jan
Have been in Nairobi for two days and our other team in Rift Valley/West Kenya until Friday. We continue to meet and hear very sad and hopeless cases that just make you cry and cry. We decided to close down the Jamuhuri Park camp by distributing the displaced to churches and chief camps. We are now directly helping 400 children and 150 adults in the Nairobi base. Terribly short of required necessities.

24th Jan
The uprising of inflation has seen things go up three times the normal price. Clear indication that our economy has been affected badly. The trend is that the prices of everything will keep on going up affecting us so badly. Have come across many children who are separated from their parents, whose fate no-one knows.

25th Jan
Just received a distress call from John (Edward's brother) and our team in Rift Valley. Suddenly violence in Nukuru. They can't come out of Nukuru at the moment. Ask our churches to pray for their security that they come out safely.


I understand that there is a total breakdown of the internal services. Major prolonged power cuts with little cell phone contact, difficulty in using email and so on. Great shortage of food.


23rd Received from Dave Devenish who goes there imminently:
We have just received further information from Pervez Sohail in Pakistan. He is now considering us doing 2 public meetings, one on Friday evening - 1 February - at the Presbyterian Church where we will gather all our churches together, and Sunday morning - 3 February - at our main base church at the restaurant they normally use. This is of course subject to security conditions at the time but I should be grateful for particular prayer cover for these meetings.