Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oneblaze Update/Family Fun Day

Well it's been a great week so far. We have 175 Oneblazers (youth) booked in, worshiping God, making friends and serving the St. Louis community. One of the ways we are serving our community is through offering a free kids camp. We have 85 kids from the neighborhood participating in our camp and having a great time. I can not thank enough, or speak highly enough of the numerous volunteers who have put this week together and those who have faithfully served to make this event possible.

I would highly, highly encourage you all to join Jubilee and the Oneblazers this Saturday at the Kingshighway building from 11-4 pm for our second annual Family Fun Day. It will be a time of food, music, lots of kid toys and more. It will be a good opportunity to have fun together and meet new friends from our community after a great week of serving St. Louis. Invite a friend! For more info, click here.