Monday, March 17, 2008

This Is No Tame Pastor

I found an interesting article from a UK newspaper out in the blogsphere that I couldn't resist passing along in light of my message yesterday (click here to download that message). Let me know what you think of the article.

From the Liverpool Daily Post
: The Rev Jon Morgan, minister of the United Reform Churches in Cheltenham and former, club level, rugby player, has been left with a broken nose after fighting off two burglars in his own home.

Wearing his dog collar, Mr Morgan had spent the day visiting members of his congregation. He arrived home at 4pm and went to use the bathroom, leaving his front door unlocked. Moments later, he found two tattooed white men in his study. They became violent towards him and struck him several times in the face.

Speaking from his home, the 49-year-old rugby player said he defended himself in a 20-second fight. He said: “When they came out of the study I gave chase. One of them thumped me three times in the face. In defence, I kicked the guy and landed a couple of punches.... The whole incident must have lasted around 20 seconds. I was left with a broken nose and bruising. But worse has happened on the rugby field.”