Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Man vs. Wild

There is something in men that wants to stand in the face of challenge and survive. To tame what is wild. To subdue his world. I believe this is a God-given desire and something that men should learn to cultivate. Of course, like everything else in life, it's a desire that has been distorted by sin. So this desire can lead to domination and abuse (i.e. most violent crime is committed by men). That's why man needs to be redeemed! But nevertheless, this masculine side of man in our culture needs to be rediscovered. My hope for the men of Jubilee is that as they walk with Jesus, they would understand what it means to be a true man.

In the months and years to come, we'll speak on this topic on Sundays. But we also want to do other events that will promote Biblical masculinity and a sense of togetherness.

Which brings me to this announcement for men: April 25th and April 26th the men of Jubilee (and any other man who wants to join us) will be gathering for a Men's Retreat of sorts called "Man vs. Wild". The purpose will be to reunite with our masculine side and build team and togetherness amongst the men. We will be camping out on Dwight Rigel's property 80 miles east of of St. Louis near Mt. Vernon, IL. The weekend will be built around outdoor team competition (everyone's included), food, laughter and learning to have each other's back. If you are man, you quite frankly DO NOT want to miss this event. More details are coming soon, but for now just block the date.