Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Can You Walk with Two Broken Legs?

A person with two broken legs is completely dependent upon someone else to get around.

A Christian is completely dependent upon prayer to get around. And a church is dependent upon prayer to do anything. At Jubilee, we believe that prayer is foundational in the life of a Christian. And we further believer that prayer is foundational in the "corporate" life of the church. Meaning, it is not enough for members to have an individual prayer life, but it is crucial - let me repeat myself - it is crucial for members to come together in prayer.

In September, I laid out for Jubilee the mission of the church. Then I talked about the importance of being an owner of that mission. How God doesn't just want us to be like the hired hand who holds loosely the mission, but one who is like the Shepherd who owns the mission and takes it very, very personal.

Us coming together in prayer and claiming loudly our dependence on God is powerful according to Scripture. In two weeks, Jubilee will be having a week of prayer that only happens 4 times a year. Here's how that week will go down.

Leaders will gather on Tuesday night to pray (10/30)
The City South and County Discipleship Communities (DCs) will pray on Wed night (10/31)
The City North and Wentzville DCs will pray on Thurs night (11/1)
And THE WHOLE CHURCH will gather on that Friday Night for a time of celebration and prayer.

A man with two broken legs goes no where on his own and a church goes no where on her own either. She needs God. The members of each local church need to come together in prayer.

If you call Jubilee home, I want to ask you to make these weeks of prayer (that will happen four times a year) special times and priorities on your calendar. It's one of the more important ways YOU contribute to the mission of this church.