Friday, October 26, 2007

The Blessing of Being Sick

Nobody likes to be sick. Besides the fact you feel horrible, you're taken out of the game. You can't work, you can't play - it's miserable.

This past week, sickness hit our household pretty hard. First my daughter Ella, then me and finally the one that holds it all together in our house - Rachel. When mom goes down it gets scary. Kids end up wearing clothes that don't match and it's cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner - and macaroni and cheese for desert.

Anyway, with all the pain, trouble and chaos sickness brings, I did notice this week there was a blessing in there for me. For almost 36 hours, I didn't do anything except lie in bed. No emails, no cell phones, no meetings, no nothing. My family even kept a safe distance (which was hard). But there was one person who was with me the whole time - Jesus. Being sick gave me the opportunity to be close (or more aware that He's close) and spend time with Jesus. We talked about my family, we talked about Jubilee Church, we talked about me, we talked about Him, we talked about St. Louis. I didn't need to be sick, but I needed that time with Jesus. I needed Him to remind me that real life is in Him and not what I get done.

We have got to slow down every once in a while - otherwise we'll miss out on life.