Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Making a Minus a Plus

As a Christian, you're perspective on serving is totally different. Prior to your encounter with Jesus, serving was in the minus column among your weekly activities. Time with friends, vacations, TV, video games, hobbies, sports...these were all activities on the plus side. They added to your life and serving others was respected, but done sparingly.

But when you meet Jesus, His transforming love changed serving from a minus to a plus. Serving no longer takes from you, but actually it adds to your life. Jesus on earth told us that serving the pathway to greatness and modeled it perfectly.

This is very important to understand if you're a believer in Jesus so that you don't run away from serving opportunities and unknowingly runaway from Jesus. You won't find Jesus chasing after status, prestige or money. He came not to be served, but to serve. What about you? Is serving a plus or a minus to you?

I want to challenge you if you belong to Jubilee to pursue serving through Share the Love. Seek to give at two hours a week for 3 weeks. Serving opportunities are found on our website or on The City. Check out the impact when we do serve:

Dear Jubilee Community Members:
I want to say thank you for those of you that take great pride in helping people out and just being an overall warm and inviting group of people. Someone here, apart of jubilee, Helped my brother move a couple weeks ago with very little notice, but with large support. I know the work wasnt much but it was way more than I think my brother or myself were expecting. So, if I remember correctly, I want to thank Nathan for your help. My brother and I talked after your help and about the presence of God in the body of jubilee and its members. I am not in town to often but I want you all to know that a church that acts on such a giving manner is doing something right. I feel it allows believers and followers of Christ to feel more at ease to go out and share Gods word and to bring guests to their place of worship. Its easy to know that friends and strangers will feel welcome and invited and most importantly not judged. Thank you for all that you are doing as a church and I look forward to my next visit and time of worship with you all! Lucas Shelton