Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Faith Part 3: Parents, Don't Squash Your Child's Faith

Did you know that all the "Heroes of the Faith" (listed in Hebrews 11) had parents? Seems like an obvious statement, but maybe what hasn't occurred to us yet is how those parents responded to God's call on their life?

Noah's father had high expectations of his son. Lamech said of his son Noah, "He will comfort us in the labor and painful toil of our hands." (Genesis 5:29) Lamech had hoped that Noah would grow up to be successful and bring comfort and pride back to the family. Lamech wanted Noah to make his life easier, but God wanted Noah to build an ark. I wonder how Lamech responded when he found out that Noah was going to give his attention and money to building an ark versus relieving their comfort? I wonder how Lamech responded when all the neighbors made fun of Noah?

What are your plans for you children? Do want them to have an easy life? Do you hope they are well-educated and well resourced? What if God calls them to do something different? What if God calls them to pass up on an education to pursue further spiritual/leadership training? What if they choose to go to a different school than the one you want them to? Are you prepared to allow the plans that God has for them crush your plans? That maybe necessary for them to walk in the life of faith God has for them.

Hold the plans for your children loosely, because as good as they may be, our desires for our children can actually squash their faith.