Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jubilee Church in Zimbabwe

I find it to be a huge privilege to be a part of the Newfrontiers family of churches. I love the values, I love the relationships, I love the sense of community, I love the passion, but most of all I love that we are on world mission together to reach our neighborhoods, our cities, our nation and our world.

There are many opportunities for training and exposure to the mission God has for us (check out the FYT and Transformation Teams) of those opportunities is a Life Change Team to Zimbabwe that two Jubileeites took advantage of. I have asked one of those participants Ginger Price to keep us informed on their travels.

And we’re leaving on a jet plane...TO ZIMBABWE!!!

On May 17th Newfrontiers USA will be sending a team of four people to join Sam and Marlene Poe in Bulowayo, Zimbabwe for a Life Change Team opportunity. This first trip is one of three that will be going to Zimbabwe for a cross-cultural emersion opportunity in the next year and a half.

Jubilee is sending two people to participate, myself Ginger Price and Greg Virkler from our new Washington location were for this adventure. Everyone has the chance to come along with us as we are a small representation of the larger Jubilee Church community. Your prayers for our trip and those trips that are coming will be much appreciated!

The purpose of our trip is unique to other Mission type trips. We will be on the ground covering some serious territory for two weeks traveling with Sam and Marlene to experience firsthand from the local church leaders in Zimbabwe how they facilitate cross-cultural ministry in their churches. While we are there we will be hosted by local families in both rural and urban areas of Zimbabwe. One thing on our agenda is to participate in a chronological bible storying seminar which is a method used to teach people biblical truth in a oral literature or narrative format to make these truths easier to understand and remember. This is a primary form for sharing the gospel truth with people in Zimbabwe and other oral learning cultures. I’m very excited to see this in action and learn more.

I’ve thought of a few prayer needs during our journey:

1. That our eyes and hearts will be opened to see a broader view of the Church and God’s Kingdom expression in Zimbabwe. Personally I’d like to know how we can support what is happening there in a way that is most helpful.

2. That each of us would hear very clearly what God would have for us to learn during our time together. I would like for God to show me the things in my heart that need to be changed to be a better participator in the Kingdom. Personally I haven’t put any expectations on what I might get out of this trip because I want to be open to what the Holy Spirit has for me to learn.

3. That we would be positive ambassadors for Jesus and that how we speak, the things we share and the impressions we make would really demonstrate His love and grace to our brothers and sisters that are being generous to open their lives and hearts to us. And that our presence would be an encouragement.

4. During our travels that we would be safe and remain healthy. International travel can make us vulnerable to things. We’d like to remain healthy and clear to serve during our short time there.

5. Finally this is more of a funny one, but is needed. I’m a little bug squeamish so I am asking for help to not be skittering around because of some obscenely large bugs!

I’ll try to update Bryan with entries during our travels for posting and hopefully some pictures. We will have limited access to E-mail and the internet, but as we are able we will send word along. The team will return on June 1st, I will be staying on to visit Martha Lee in South Africa, another Jubileeite that is on the other side of the world for the moment.

Thank you very much for your prayers. On the inside I’m jumping up and down excited to share the treasure that is imparted to us while we are with these wonderful people in Zimbabwe. I have a feeling that on the other end of this trip the Life Change will be taking place in us more than we can possibly think or imagine and to that I say bring it on Lord!

Gotta go...Ginger Price