Monday, May 24, 2010

Jubilee Church in Zimbabwe, Part 2

From Ginger Price:

As expected when traveling with Sam and Marlene Poe we hit the ground running here in Zimbabwe. Warm up your google page because it will be helpful for you to search on a map the ground we are covering. As a team our first stop after landing in Bulawayo was to join the leaders of the Newfrontiers Churches in Zimbabwe for 24 hours of prayer and fasting in Antelope Park. There could not have been a better way for us to be introduced to the advancing work of the Kingdom that is going on in Zimbabwe. During that time we also learned of the passion of this leadership team to believe God for doors to open for the work to extend into Mozambique and other countries surrounding. Our time with the leaders in two words was powerful and impacting as it gave us a very clearer view of what God is doing here and the faces of those that are leading it. In the coming months and years it will be exciting to see that work unfold. For me one treasure I’ve seen while here is the realization of how much we are all apart of something much bigger than us and that God’s message of grace and Kingdom advancement is universal across our family. It’s one thing to know that in your heart, it’s another thing to experience it. I left our meeting feeling like we have much that we can learn from our family in Zimbabwe. There is amazing perseverance and faith here that will blow your socks off. From Antelope park we returned to Bulawayo for an evening before heading out to the Kezi region to join Crossroads Church a rural church that meets in the same area where the Ebenezer Agricultural Training Center for Farming God’s Way training is taking place. And its really rural in a way that we don’t define rural, meaning no’s a little like camping, but totally doable. During the meeting we were able to experience worship through music with our Zimbabwean friends where it was fun to gather and experience God together. This church is a place where the chronological bible storying is taking place with both the adults and children messages and so being a part of that part of the service was great to experience. Today we will be returning to the Ebenezer Center joining the apprentices during a normal day of training with an added farm tour. This promises to be a highlight of our trip as it is the heartbeat of one of the major apostolic initiatives here in the Southern part of Zimbabwe. From Kezi we will be traveling to Harare to participate in a Chronological Bible Storying seminar that is going to take place in the Northern part of Zim in Mashona Land. We will be there Wednesday through Sunday rounding out our stay joining Westgate Church for their Sunday service. Overall I think all of us would tell you that if there is something in your heart that is nudging you to do something like this follow that nudge, you will be a much better Kingdom citizen for the experience. Of course we’ve been well taken care of by world-class hospitality of Marlene that so many of you have experienced as well as the loving generosity of others along the way during our travels.