Friday, June 12, 2009

Rescued Faith

This Sunday, I will begin a 13 week sermon series in the book of Hebrews titled “Rescued Faith”. The unknown writer of Hebrews is writing this letter to believers who were about to give up on their faith...some were under intense persecution...others were falling back into religion and legalism...others were just bored, immature and unfruitful and maybe were never Christians to begin with. They were a group of believers whose faith was in need of rescue. And I’m pretty excited about this series for a few reasons:
  1. It is a book that is intended to be inspiring and thought-provoking with very few commands. This isn’t a book with a lot of "do this" or "don’t do this". This is a book that explains to us ultimate reality found in the person of Jesus Christ. So this isn’t a book that is meant to be immediately practical, but I think it will be eternally helpful.
  2. There is some ideas in here that I normally wouldn’t touch with a 10-ft pole like, “Can you lose your salvation?” I will cover that July 19 in chapter 6.
  3. And there are some beautiful, beautiful OT practices that come alive as the revelation of who Jesus is becomes clear.
So let me ask you a question: Does your faith need to be rescued? Do you can relate to these believers? Maybe you know someone who's faith is waning? They know the church game all too well, but they've lost sight of Jesus. This is why we are doing this series. To help those of us who have lost sight of true faith in Jesus.