Thursday, June 4, 2009

Living Single

I can't remember a message at Jubilee that has had more buzz than the message from this past Sunday titled, "Living Single". I think it confirms my suspicion that a message on singlehood was long overdue. It was encouraging to hear that marrieds also found this message helpful and applicable to them.

You can listen to the entire message online, but I wanted to highlight the main points:
  1. Singlehood as well as marriage is a gift: Like any gift, don't wish for something different, but make the most of it. Ask yourself, "How can I leverage my status as a single (whether temporary or permanent) to make the most kingdom impact?
  2. Don't use your status as a single to pursue self, but use this as an opportunity to decrease self. Seek to know God more (and yourself less). Self-discovery is a dead end road.
  3. Don't idolize sex and marriage. Most people view sex and marriage from a self-centered perspective...a way to to have your own needs fulfilled. From a Biblical perspective, sex and marriage is an opportunity to meet the needs of your spouse.
  4. Wanting to be married isn't wrong, but don't allow that "want to" to consume you. Allow the truth of God's sufficiency to permeate your heart. Rest in his grace.
Singles (as well as marrieds) are a gift to the church. It's my desire that as we grow and mature as a church, we'll discover this to be true and learn to rest in the sovereign grace of Jesus.