Thursday, April 23, 2009

Men: Don't Miss It

Well guys, it's time for another men's retreat created by men and for men, which means it may be a bit unorganized, but it will be a blast.

It's just a week away (May 1 & 2). Here are the details:

To get back in touch with our masculine side, build team, and camaraderie amongst us men.


*You will need to bring your own food, tent, and sleeping bag.

Sign-up through your Communication Card on Sunday morning, then designate a $5 payment to "Men's Retreat" and drop in an offering basket.

1. Take I-64 E toward ILLINOIS / US-40, go 4.5 miles
2. Continue on I-55 N, go 2.8 miles
3. Take RIGHT fork onto I-64 E toward LOUISVILLE / IL-3 N / ST CLAIRE AVE, go 71.2 miles
4. MERGE onto I-57 S, go 0.9 miles
5. EXIT #95 / MT. VERNON / ASHLEY, go 0.3 miles
6. Turn LEFT on BROADWAY ST (IL-15 E), go 3.7 miles
7. Continue to follow IL-15 E, go 5.3 miles
8. Turn LEFT on N HARMONY LN (CR-3), go 5.0 miles
9. Turn RIGHT on E SILENCE RD, go 0.8 miles
10. Bear RIGHT on DUNER RD, go 0.2 miles
11. Turn LEFT on E PINECONE RD, go 0.4 miles
12. Arrive at 20124 E Pinecone Bluford II, on the LEFT

*Do NOT mapquest / google. Directions are incorrect.