Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Looking fwd to Easter

So far my vacation has involved lots of driving, lots of sleep, lots of food, lots of Wii (a gaming system), lots of family time and a little sun. It's cooler than normal down in Florida (not as cold as STL, however), but it's still be very sunny and mid to upper 70s. Today my wife and I even hit the tennis's been about a year. We are having a great time with Rachel's family, celebrating her father's 60th B-day (Wynn Douglass). I also must mention her brother, Josh Douglass, so my blog will come up next time he does a google search on his name...a complaint of his. He's a great guy and a lawyer for the Kansas City School District.

I'm really looking forward to this Sunday (Easter). First of all, it is the anniversary of Jesus Christ's defeat of Satan, sin and death. Secondly, I'm really looking forward to hosting the friends, co-workers, relatives and neighbors we have all invited to Easter service. It's been a prayer of mine this past week that we would have great success. On the drive down here, I had some time to think quite a bit what I might say and what God would give me that would be the right words at the right moment. I really feel strongly to particularly address those who have a negative opinion of the church (and Jesus) based on a past experience or how they were raised. So if you know people how are familiar with church, but have grown sour, I want to encourage you to particularly invite those people.

See you soon!