Thursday, January 22, 2009

Recovering from the Weekend

Last weekend, Jubilee Church in St. Louis had the privilege of being the host for Mobilise USA 2009. This required the use of our homes, our building, and ourselves. I am always very proud of our church in these moments. It seems that when hospitality, generosity and service are required, you all instinctively step up. You will be glad to hear that the feedback for the weekend has been stellar.
  1. Many reports of changed lives
  2. People were healed
  3. Big decisions for Jesus were made
  4. And people enjoyed themselves due in part because of your hospitality
Personally, I'm still in the recovery process. If you have never been to this conference before, it's a high energy weekend where you stay up late and talk. That equals very tired bodies...and just when I started to regain strength, I caught a cold (boo hoo, right?). My kids are not very sympathetic either.

This Sunday, I plan to speak from Romans 12:1-8 if you want to stew on those verses in preparation for my message. It will be a "pre-qual" to the message I gave two weeks ago from Romans 12:9-16 titled "Genuine Love". My focus will be internal transformation and the role community plays in that process.

If you call Jubilee "home" and you have not signed up for an Action Track, I want to encourage you to do so. They are huge part of what we do and who we are. Although three tracks are already completely full, there are some excellent tracks with space available. Join the 115 who have already signed up and REGISTER TODAY.

See you Sunday!