Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Zimbabwe Crisis Needs You

The crisis in Zimbabwe is intensifying at a horrifying rate. Half the country is facing starvation (about 5 million), there is an outbreak of cholera, and inflation is higher than anywhere else in the world (200% a day or in other words, prices triple every day).

In the midst of this intense suffering and panic, our 24 churches in this country are standing firm on the hope found only in the gospel and are teaching people to farm with 10 times the productivity. Because of this, they have received a national platform to teach this method known as "farming God's way". They have a plan to serve the country, but funds are desperately needed. Can I encourage you to do a few things:

1) Read this article.
2) Pray for the country and our brothers and sisters there
3) Give money. I know we are in a bit of a economic shortfall ourselves. Your income may have dropped or your job could even be in jeopardy. Jubilee's income has taken quite a hit as well. The temptation for us is to hold on tighter to "our" money that actually isn't ours in the begin with. It's ALL God's and He has put it in our possession to steward. We should, therefore, ask him how we should use it! Let me just give you a few verses to meditate on that demonstrate how God would have us view those in need (Prov 3:27-28, Prov 19:17, Isaiah 1:12-17, Isaiah 58:1-6, Ez 16:49, Mt 25:31-46). It could be that you might need to get a little creative. Maybe cut back on what you spend on Christmas? How awesome would it be if you can encourage your kids to give up something for someone else? Maybe sacrifice cable for a year? Or maybe you don't eat out for a couple of months? There are probably literally dozens of ways to come up with some extra cash. How to give: Write a check to "Jubilee Church" and put "Zimbabwe" in the memo.
4) Encourage your friends or even your employer to give. This is very worthwhile situation to direct charity. After you download the article, pass it on to your friends.

Part of what blesses me about the people of Jubilee is their generosity. You have always risen to the occasion to help others in need. Let's continue to be that people in this situation.