Wednesday, December 3, 2008

God Speaks in the Mundane

It's so important for us to live with the expectation that God WILL speak to us if we listen. Jesus said to his audience, "He who has ears, let him hear." In other words, we need to pay attention! Recently, a dear lady of ours, Kathy Dills, communicated the following story that demonstrates that God can speak at any time.

This past week, I dealt with a very stinky + smelly thing, my sewer backed up into the basement anytime we used water in the house. More + more sludge + gunk kept coming out of the drain with a terrible stink.

We tried to use a snake to unclog it. It didn't work but we did bring out some roots + other things. Next we called a plumber, he came out with a large snake, but still the same result, everything he got through it clogged up again + more sludge came up in the basement.

The plumber suggested to call MSD, we did, but it wasn't their problem. MSD gave us the phone # for the city, and the city inspector came out when the plumber was back. I'm thinking this whole time now "Lord how am I going to pay for this?"

The inspector determined it was the city's problem + they would fix it. The sewer lateral line was collapsed in many places for about 20'. Men came out + fixed the sewer + I thanked God that the problem was covered by the federal lateral line insurance.

I had about 2" of sludge in the basement to clean up. As I was cleaning up + thanking God for taking care of the problem, I heard this still small voice. God told me, "Jesus is like the lateral line insurance. He paid for my healing, to remove the sludge + gunk in my life so I may have a direct line to God so the river of water (the HS) may flow through me + clean me." As I washed the sludge down the drain + saw the basement transform back to a clean state, joy rose inside of me, thanking God for his love + his son + the power of the H.S. in my life.