Friday, June 13, 2008

Update From Our Brother in Iraq

For those who don't know, a brother of ours (Jamie Patton) is in Iraq serving his country. He is pictured on the right, his boss to the left. I have been receiving update emails from his wife (Anne Patton) and thought I would pass along a little info and encourage you to keep him (and Anne) in your prayers.

He seems to be doing well. It does seem to be a lot of work, especially considering he has to carry around a 50lbs bag of gear in very hot weather (it is consistently over 100 degrees F). Those who know Jamie know how responsible and caring he is. It is know surprise, then , to hear that he spends a lot of his time looking after some of the younger guys there to make sure they are getting along. I can only imagine the positive influence he is having as God's ambassador.

Please pray that Jamie accomplishes the work God has for him while in Iraq, for his safety and for his wife Anne who, of course, misses him very much.