Saturday, November 17, 2007

God Eats Mexican

Last night was a holy moment for me. And it didn't occur "at church", or in my prayer closet (both great places to be by the way), but it occurred at a little Mexican restaurant in Fenton, MO called "3 Margaritas". And just to clear the record, I didn't drink 3 Margaritas.

But while I was eating my "Burrito Macho" and laughing with good friends, God showed up to me in a powerful way. And overwhelming impression I felt, was that this is how He longs to relate to me! Relaxed, laughing, two-way conversation, trust, memories. The Creator of the Universe is huge and powerful and the supreme authority, and yet He so desires to relate to me in such a real way.

Maybe your feeling a little dry and formal when it comes to you and God. It doesn't have to be that way! He doesn't want it to be that way! Ask Him to meet you in a fresh way. And just a little practical advise - don't just look for Him in a church building or your prayer closet, I learned last night that He eats Mexican too.