Monday, March 1, 2010

Cow Tipping...What is That?

Preaching the Gospel is the Goal
My goal for the pulpit every Sunday is to preach the's that simple. Now, I hope to apply it in a 100 different ways, which is why the subject changes from week to week. I also hope what I say is interesting, relevant and presented well; therefore, extra time is spent on the message and series presentation.

It Will Be Fun and Confrontational
We titled our next series, "Cow Tipping" because we thought it would be fun and interesting to knock over some sacred cows in culture and in the church. The content of these messages will be very meaty and at times, challenging. In fact, I expect it to confront issues in our lives that we do not normally confront.

Confusing Titles
There has been a little confusion over the titles of the messages, which are:
  1. God Wants Me to be Happy
  2. God is a Republican
  3. Tolerance is a Virtue
  4. If it is to Be, It is Up to Me
I have received several comments/concerns that the above titles reflect what Jubilee believes to be true. Actually, it's the opposite. We believe these statements are sacred cows (2 from religious circles, 2 from culture) that we plan to confront and question.

Invite a Skeptic
I think this will be a great series to invite your skeptical friends. In the first two weeks, we'll deconstruct some commonly held ideas in the church world, and in the later two weeks, we'll deconstruct commonly held ideas in culture.