Friday, February 19, 2010

Single & Rocking!

This Sunday we will conclude our XXXposed series with a Q&A session with myself and Licensed Professional Counselor Christi Brandenstein (of Crossroads Counseling). I believe it will be extremely helpful and encouraging as we seek for a Path to Purity.

In this series, we have talk a lot about being married or the process prior to marriage. I think it has been applicable for everyone because a) 93% of singles will be married so this is excellent stuff to help you in your pre-married years and b) even if you plan not to be married, as a member of a church you have both the responsibility and privilege to support and encourage other members of the body. This series can be instructional for you to know how to counsel, pray for and encourage those who are married or plan to be married.

However, I don't want to underestimate or ignore the vital role and importance that unmarried people play in the church and want to encourage you in your current status as single.

I have provided a link to PJ Smyth's outstanding essay on Single and Rocking. You may also check out my message on Being Single through our audio archive from 5/31/2009.