Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why Go to an Action Track?

Action Tracks are a HUGE part of what we do at Jubilee. They are not just a great next step to get more involved, they are the door way to many other things we do as a church like praying together, serving the community together, discipleship, spiritual formation and the list goes on. In fact, speaking of lists, let me give you 10 reasons why you MUST sign up for an Action Track if you call Jubilee "your church".

10. It's the best way to meet new friends at Jubilee
9 . You will learn more about Jesus with other people than you could ever do on your own
8. You will have an opportunity to serve the St. Louis community with others (very Christ-like)
7. It's an opportunity to receive prayer for your daily concerns
6. It will require you to put others first (very Christ-like)
5. It will multiply what you get out of the Sunday morning messages (note: all Action Tracks in the fall trimester will be following the fall sermon series "God Series")
4. You can be a friend to someone else who really needs one
3. It's a place to use your spiritual gifts (serving, mercy, encouragement, leadership, etc)
2. It's the primary way you will receive care
1. Because God never called us to go it need others and others needs you

Here's how to sign up:
  1. Sign-up during our Sunday morning service beginning Sunday, September 13th, 2009.
  2. Sign-up online beginning Sunday, September 13th, 2009. REGISTER TODAY!