Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Going to the UK

This Thursday I will be joining our own John Lanferman for an eight day trip to the North of England in a county called Teesside. John and I received an invitation from Jeremy Simpkins who was with us this past September along with his wife Anne Simpkins and Julian Adams. Jeremy leads a church there also called Jubilee and has oversight responsibility of about 40 churches there in the north of England. John will speak to the church on Sunday and I will be speaking to their leaders later that night. The rest of our time there will be spent with his elders and his translocal team in strategic meetings. Please pray for us that we will serve well.

David Herrington will be speaking at Jubilee Church in St. Louis City this Sunday (Feb 15) on the subject of fear. I will finish our series Money Myth$ on Sunday, Feb 22.

I've enclosed video footage of last Sunday's baptism for those who missed it or just would like to see it again. It was quite a day!