Friday, December 7, 2007

A Christmas Present Worth Giving

Jesus coming to earth IS the biggest news event in all of recorded history. Whether you believe in Him or not, you will not find anyone who has had more books written about or more songs sung about than Jesus. In fact, history itself literally hinges on His birth (BC and AD).

The reason for this unprecedented fame is the meaning for which He came - to save the world from sin. Many, however, are skeptical of the facts and benefits of the Son of God taking on flesh. Luke who wrote one of the four gospels can relate to their doubts. He was initially skeptical, but came to believe just as he had heard.

For anyone you know who is skeptical or wants to be reminded of the beauty and wonder of this powerful event, the best Christmas gift you could give might be an invite to join Jubilee Church on December 23rd. We'll begin at 10 am with 45 minutes of traditional Christmas music and a 30 minute message from the gospel of Luke.

You can download this graphic to pass onto your friends in an email. Be sure to include our address or this link to google maps.