Monday, August 13, 2007

Relationship Incubator

If you are interested in deepening your friendships at Jubilee, getting involved with Family Night-Inn is a great way to do it. Greater depth of friendship can be experienced in one night than 52 weeks of "HI's and BYE's" on Sunday. Listen to what of our members Heidi Sever has to say.

Ben and I participated in Family Night-Inn by
hosting a married couple. At first, we were a bit
uncertain how it would go, but 5 minutes after our
guests arrived, all fears were forgotten and we were
having a great time. We hosted John & Kara Russo, who
we knew very little. We had a fun evening visiting,
getting to know each other and playing games. They
taught us Canasta. And they creamed us playing
Sequence. The following morning, we fixed a big
breakfast together and I taught John how to cut up a
mango, which he had never tasted before and kept
calling a papaya. It was a great experience and
created wonderful memories. We are looking forward to
Family Night-Inn again this year. It is such a
great opportunity to create and enjoy deeper
relationships within your church family.

So it doesn't matter if you have been at Jubilee for 10 days or 10 years, married or single, young or old, you can participate in Family Night-Inn on Sept 7th. Sign up on Sunday via your communication card!